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 The Reputation System

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PostSubject: The Reputation System   Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:10 pm

You may have noticed the recent addition of a new personalized profile, aka. Reputation. When a new member joins the forum, they start off with 0 points, hence the reason that they are new, and have yet to make a positive or negative impact.

There are certain guidelines when it comes to giving reputation.

Firstly, a member is strictly prohibited from modifying their own reputation bar. If you do, then you'll receive infractions depending on the number of points you modified.

Secondly, low reputation points is by no means grounds for a ban. It just means you may have made a negative impact on the forums, and that it may be time to clean up your act.

We hope members will not take this new feature for granted, and that it can be an enjoyable experience for all of us.


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The Reputation System
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