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 The Infraction System

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PostSubject: The Infraction System   Sun Aug 31, 2008 3:32 pm

The forumís warning system is represented by a blue bar that appears on each memberís profile as well as all of their posts. If an offense(s) is committed, the bar will begin to fill. Once itís filled all the way, a permanent ban will take place.

There are no set amounts of infractions given for each offense, as each time a rule is broken, the way itís broken is unique.

For example, one user will use offensive language, will receive a number of infractions, but another user will use offensive language and will receive more infractions. This is because each offense is unique, and the severity always differs.

Proceeding numbers of infractions leads to loss of forum privileges.

25 infractions = 7 day suspension
50 infractions = 14 day suspension
75 infractions = 21 day suspension
100 infractions = Permanent Ban

Infractions do not expire. Once a user receives them, they remain on their account for good.
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The Infraction System
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